Schultz SQ4 Quad Driver Earphones

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The best audio experience requires multiple drivers, each dedicated to reproducing sound within a specific frequency range.

Combining powerful acoustic sound with the sharpest precision, the Schultz SQ4 Quad Driver Earphones take multi-driver technology to a new level, with four miniaturised drivers in one earphone. Featuring dual dynamic drivers that handle bass and mid-range sound, alongside dual balanced armatures for high frequencies, every element acts like individual speakers tuned to specific frequencies, resulting in an exceptional studio-like sound quality.

The elegant wired earpieces are built with premium materials that not only deliver aesthetic quality but contribute to their superior acoustic performance. Ergonomically-deigned to fit comfortably and securely within the ear, their glossy black finish features subtle red and metallic accents. Clarity and definition are supported by the wired cables, which are tangle-free and deliver a crystal-clear signal to both ear pieces, ensuring optimal performance at all times.

A soft fabric carrying pouch is included with the Schultz SQ4 Quad Driver to keep them protected and prevent them from tangling whilst stored away in your pocket or bag when you’re on the move.

  • Outstanding listening quality from years of research by Schultz
  • Comes with a soft drawstring pouch for safekeeping
  • Ambient noise reduction