Schultz SmartPower Battery Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

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Professionally engineered for the iPhone 11 Pro Max and made to stand out from the rest in terms of both functionality and design, the Schultz SmartPower Battery Case offers longer battery life alongside outstanding protection for your device. Following careful consideration and rigorous testing into the qualities surrounding a cutting-edge battery case, the scientists and engineers at Schultz have created the Schultz SmartPower Battery Case to ensure you are never without mobile battery power, particularly in those crucial moments when you need it most.

Portable and designed to be used on the go, the slim build of the battery case allows it to fit seamlessly into a bag or pocket. Compatible with the Apple charging cable, both your iPhone and the Schultz SmartPower Battery Case can be charged simultaneously, with the back-up power battery case increasing the life of your mobile device once fully charged.  Featuring a clever built-in metal plate, the Schultz SmartPower Battery Case can also be used on a magnetic dashboard mount so you can charge your device while driving. Available in a sleek matt black finish, the Schultz SmartPower Battery Case is a striking piece of technology that can accompany you anywhere. 


  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion polymer batteries
  • Rechargeable 4500mAh power reserve so you can charge while on the go
  • Wireless charging compatible with iPhone 11 Pro Max devices
  • Recharging time of 2-4 hours
  • Dimensions: 6”x3”x0.6”
  • Has a built-in metal plate suitable for use on a magnetic dashboard mount
  • Supports Lightning accessories, such as a the EarPods with Lightning charging port
  • Sleek black matt finish