Schultz SecureShield Smart Padlock

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Enter the digital age with the Schultz SecureShield Smart Padlock. Revolutionising the common padlock from combination codes or keys to just a press of a finger.

Quickly activated by a fingerprint’s touch, this durable & compact padlock is the smart way to keep belongings secure at the gym, work, school, or office.

Supporting up to twenty unique fingerprints for the everyday users, the padlock also features two administrator spots, ensuring strict control over the registrations and deregistrations of fingerprints.

With a simple setup via a three color LED light system, the Schultz SecureShield Smart Padlock is not only the easy choice, but also the reliable choice to provide the ultimate protection for precious valuables.


  • Easy charging through USB port
  • Sensitive fingerprint sensor
  • Indicator light for padlock setup
  • Secure lock beam with classic U-shaped hook


  • 2.3in x 1.5in