Schultz Hyper Pulse Massage Gun

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Redefining the essence of modern self-care, the Schultz Hyper Pulse Massage Gun allows you to experience the pinnacle of myorelaxation. 

Designed to elevate your relaxation or recovery routine by liberating muscle tension, this handheld marvel alleviates muscle soreness while enhancing blood circulation, fostering muscle repair, and revitalizing body tissue with its five distinct speed modifications. The inclusion of four meticulously designed massager heads ensures a tailored and unparalleled massage session, with the round head targeting areas like the arm, waist and thighs, while the flat head soothes those tricky areas of the neck, spine and Achilles tendon. For intricate body parts like joints and palms, the precision head delves deep to deliver repair and relaxation, while the versatile dual head focuses on shaping and relaxing a variety of larger muscle sections. To further enhance its luxury quotient, the massage gun boasts an ergonomically sculpted handle with an adaptable rotating arm, providing a comfortable and customizable massage experience.

Enjoy the elite body benefits that come with deep and powerful massage with the Schultz Hyper Pulse Massage Gun, the embodiment of style, functionality and premium quality.

Package Contents

•    Massage gun
•    USB cable
•    Four massager heads (round, flat, precision & dual)
•    Case
•    Instruction manual

Technical Specifications

•    2000 mAh Lithium Ion battery
•    No-load speed - 1800-3000 rpm/min
•    Stroke length - 8.0 mm
•    Charging time - 240 min
•    Working time - 360 min
•    Input - DC 5V/2A