Schultz ZycraPulse™ Hand Held Precision Massager

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Give focused relief for your muscles on the go with the Schultz ZycraPulse™ Hand Held Precision Massager; a portable, lightweight, travel-friendly device to soothe aching and tired muscles. The Schultz ZycraPulse™ Hand Held Precision Massager is designed to emulate the deep tissue targeting of a professional massage with exacting precision, especially for hard to reach spaces such as the back of the neck, shoulders and any strained back muscles. The multi-positioning feature allows you to position the head of the device at any given spot, allowing easier access to target specific muscle groups. The silica gel head is soft and pliable, built with comfort and ergonomic touch in mind. A long-lasting battery allows for convenient wireless use anytime, anywhere. 

The Schultz ZycraPulse™ Hand Held Massager includes 5 different modes; three different vibration speeds for full control over the intensity of your massage and two pulsating modes to better relieve muscle knots and muscle tension.

With Schultz, you get both cutting-edge technology and premier performance. Each Schultz product is rigorously tested and guaranteed to meet quality control and performance stands.


  • ZycraPulse™ Hand Held Precision Massager
  • 5 modes; 3 vibration speeds and 2 pulsating modes
  • Silica gel head and anti-slip grip
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Travel lock design
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Travel Friendly
  • Weight: 1.65lb
  • Size: 1.85in x 11in