Schultz VividHorizon 4K Smart 55″ LED TV (2020 Edition)

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Experience The Next Generation Ultra-HD 4K TV From Schultz

Schultz introduce the next generation in ultra-high definition viewing with the new Schultz VividHorizon 4K Smart 55″ LED TV (2020 Edition). Featuring over 8 million pixels – four times as many as a regular HD TV, you can be guaranteed a cinematic viewing experience with the sharpest clarity available. precision-tuned to colour perfection

Custom colour presets

Each of the custom colour presets on the Schultz VividHorizon has been precision-tuned to colour perfection to ensure that each panel meets our precise quality standards and reproduces your pictures with the maximum fidelity.

Renders pixel-perfect, unaltered colour

We want you to experience the ‘purest’ version of viewing content, with unaltered standard colour temperature and illumination, just as the creators of this content would have wished you to. This is why the Schultz VividHorizon is designed to render images exactly as they were recorded, unlike most other television sets which introduce some ‘colouring’ of the original signal and thereby distort the perception of the true picture.

8.3 million pixels – in 55 inches

The Schultz VividHorizon’s ultra-HD 4K resolution packs an unbelievable 8 million pixels into its 55 inches — more than eight times that of the previous gold standard, regular HD. Advanced Detail Enhancement and High Contrast technology combine to deliver the sharpest image at every frame, with a full 178 degrees of viewing angle.

802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity

With two USB ports, three HDMI ports and 802.11ac Wi-Fi, the Schultz VividHorizon features one of the most impressive arrays of connectivity technology ever found in a television. Connect to practically any source — online or otherwise — and stream whatever you want.

Intuitive user interface

An intuitive user interface gives you instant access to Eight pre-installed apps including Netflix, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. The next generation of smart TV’s just got even smarter, with the VividHorizon.

Central Quad-Core Processor Unit, with 4 GB of RAM

A Central Quad-Core Processor Unit in tandem with 4GB of RAM provide all the juice needed to keep things running at maximum speed. Boot up within seconds. Navigate the web faster. In a rapidly moving world, the VividHorizon has the speed to keep up with you.

  • Ultra-high-definition 55” screen delivers 4K image quality and over 8 million pixels
  • Advanced colour settings finely tuned to provide a cinematic viewing experience
  • 280-nit display illumination, brilliant picture even in the brightest of viewing environments
  • 178 degree viewing angle
  • 2 in-built 8W speakers with Dolby Digital Plus, optional Hi-Fi audio for a truly immersive experience
  • Wi-Fi 802.11ac technology plus the latest HDMI 2.0 and USB 3.0 connectivity – connect to almost any device — and stream
  • 8 included apps offer unprecedented functionality, including weather, social network. video streaming and more
  • A Central Quad-Core Processor Unit with 4GB of RAM enables fast TV operation

Dimensions (with stand): 48.9”x9.3””x31”

Dimensions (without stand): 48.9”*x2.5”x28.2”