Schultz AudioWorks Wireless Speaker

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Careful design and rigorous testing goes into every Schultz product, and the Schultz AudioWorks Wireless Speaker lives up to that demanding perfection required. Its design and functionality elevates it to the level of a must-have addition to your electronic system for a wireless speaker that’s cutting edge, yet portable to go wherever you go for instant access to excellent sound.

The Schultz AudioWorks Wireless Speaker was designed after careful research and development by highly experienced engineers to exceed the standards of quality for electronic components. Completely wireless so that it’s the ultimate transportable speaker, the Schultz AudioWorks Wireless Speaker has a top-quality rechargeable lithium-ion battery that will last the life of the speaker and only takes between 3 to 4 hours to recharge. You get up to 15 hours of playback time for your longest parties or just a day of easy listening. An added bonus is the ability to recharge your phone while listening to the Schultz AudioWorks Wireless Speaker by plugging in your USB charger in the USB slot available.

Using exacting and complex science through experimentation in labs, the Schultz AudioWorks Wireless Speaker is made even more functional. You can answer incoming phone calls by simply pushing the “Play/Pause” button on top of the Schultz AudioWorks Wireless speaker. Highly intuitive and easy to use, the Schultz AudioWorks Wireless speaker gives you an audible alert when a call comes in so that you can choose to answer or ignore.

Years of scientific study guided by the highly technical nature of electronics have culminated in the creation of a most cutting-edge, comprehensive speaker system. Plenty of amazing features, excellent sound quality, and intuitive design all work together to create the Schultz AudioWorks Wireless Speaker that will blow your mind and set you on the course with the most perfect listening system available today.