Schultz AudioPulse Vibration Speaker

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Capture the power of a home-theatre sound system in the palm of your hand.

Transform any surface into a rich, sonorous speaker with the AudioPulse Vibration Speaker and experience a thunderous and truly immersive sound. Compact and portable, the AudioPulse Vibration Speaker lets you bring the impact of a full sound system with you wherever you go. Small but mighty, the speaker harnesses vibration technology to produce a powerful audio experience by radiating soundwaves through the object it is mounted to. At full power, it can use the full surface area of a window, table or wall to create a deep bass, thereby increasing the capacity of the speaker exponentially. As a fun twist, this speaker can also be affixed onto the inside of a wall, leaving the speaker completely invisible to those inside a room.

With a black aluminum alloy body and, the AudioPulse Vibration Speaker will be a sleek addition to any audio set up. For ease of use, the speaker is compatible with both wireless and line-in inputs to give you full flexibility in any environment and is chargeable using a mini-USB cable.

For optimal results, the AudioPulse Vibration Speakers perform the best when mounted on a glass or wood surface.


  • Transform any surface into a powerful speaker with a deep bass
  • Wireless and 3.5mm Line In input available
  • and 3.5mm audio jack included
  • Rechargeable 3.7V 65mAh Lithium battery
  • Over 2 hours of continuous battery-powered playtime
  • Dimensions:
  • Weight: 0.75oz