Schultz ACTIV Open Ear Bone Conduction Wireless Headphones

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Harnessing the latest generation of bone conduction technology, the Schultz ACTIV Open-Ear Bone Conduction Wireless Headphones have been specifically engineered with great attention to detail to provide a premium audio experience that is optimized for performance with the needs of outdoor athletes in mind. Sweat, moisture and dust resistant, the headphones are built durably for long term wear. Crystal clear sounds are delivered via a lightweight, flexible wraparound headpiece that stays securely in place during a run or routine and built-in controls for music play and answering calls are seamlessly integrated into the headset as well.  
The Schultz ACTIV Open-Ear Bone Conduction Wireless Headphones work by transmitting rich and bright sounds through the cheekbones directly to the inner ears. This keeps the outer ears completely uncovered, designed to allow the wearer to maintain a heightened sense of awareness while still being plugged into music whilst on the go.  

Unlike more traditional bone conduction headphones that do not fully capture studio sounds, the Schultz ACTIV Open-Ear Bone Conduction Wireless Headphones are able to better preserve the sound quality of audio files, allowing you to fully experience the vibrant tones of your music while staying immersed in the present.  


  • Bone conduction technology uses vibrations to transmit music through your cheekbones, leaving your ears open for a better awareness of your surroundings. 
  • Listen to music on the go while still being able to hear ambient noise.  
  • The wraparound headband is built for flexibility will stay securely in place during a workout routine or run.  
  • Six hours of continuous music and call time on a single charge. 
  • Reduced sound leakage.  
  • Noise cancelling microphones reduce ambient background sound during a call. 
  • Includes a removable elastic band for extra security and fit.   
  • Includes a micro-USB charging cable.