Schultz ZycraPulse™ Massage Lounge Chair

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The Schultz ZycraPulse™ Massage Lounge Chair is the perfect way to enjoy a relaxing full body massage in the comfort of your own home. Equipped with specialized massage heads, the Schultz ZycraPulse™ Massage Lounge Chair provides deep relief and soothing heat therapy to help muscles relax. With Schultz, you get cutting-edge technology and premier performance. Each Shultz product has been rigorously tested and is guaranteed to meet quality control and performance standards.


  • Full body massage in the comfort of your own home
  • Four auto preset massage menu option
  • Air Pressure Mode to focus the massage air bags on the upper body, lower body, or full body
  • Heat functions with any massage
  • Five types of Massage Techniques used with the lounge chair, with adjustable speed and width
  • Adjustable leg rest or back rest angle
  • Auto Lay Down Mode with a one-touch feature to take the lounge chair into zero gravity recline
  • Five Back Stretch features to choose from, each focusing on a different area of the back
  • Shoulder Width button to adjust the massage heads to the proper width of your shoulders. There are eleven adjustments to choose from

Input: AC 110V