Schultz S3 Smart Dash Camera

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Engineered to capture every last important detail while maintaining sharp clarity, the S3 Smart Dash Camera records its footage with audio and in full high-definition – 1920 x 1080P 30 frames per second. With an impressively wide viewing angle of 170°, compared to the lower industry standard of 140°, the S3 Smart Dash Camera will comfortably cover both sides of the road. Its F2.2 wide aperture and night vision functions mean that the camera is bolstered for performance in low-light environments, ensuring that crucial details will be captured no matter the time of day. Recordings can be played back on the 4-inch IPS display screen, complete with date and time stamps.

With its quick start function, the Schultz Smart Dash Camera records as soon as you start the car, meaning that everything is accounted for as soon as you’re in the vehicle. Once a loaded SD card runs out of memory, the looping function allows old footage to be automatically recorded over, eliminating the need to constantly switch out SD cards or manually delete the footage before the camera can record again. In the case of collision or accident, the G sensor will automatically kick in to ensure that the footage is immediately locked, thus preserving the valuable footage and preventing it from being rewritten.

The lane departure monitor will alert you as soon as you are going off your lane and makes those tight spots easier to navigate. The slim and lightweight frame is designed to discreetly fit behind the rear-view mirror so that it remains out of sight while in the car and the included mount makes for an easy installation. Fully equipped with vital features, the Schultz S3 Smart Dash Camera keeps you safe with the latest in dash camera technology.


  • Records in full HD with audio - 1920 x 1080P at 30 FPS to capture every last detail
  • Ultra-wide viewing angle of 170° covers both sides of the road
  • 2 wide aperture supports superior night-vision recordings in low-light environments
  • Starts recording automatically as soon as your car starts
  • Built in G-sensor locks footage in the event of a collision
  • Built in lane departure and parking monitoring for an extra level of safety
  • 4-inch IPS display screen
  • Supports memory cards up to 128GB (16GB – 128 GB is recommended)
  • Discreet installation behind rear-view mirror with included mount
  • Operating temperature: 14-104 °F