Schultz S-700 Wireless Soundbar and Subwoofer Home Theatre System

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Sound, elevated.

Precise research and testing by Schultz sound engineers have led to the creation of the Schultz S-700 Wireless Soundbar & Subwoofer Home Theatre System. Engineered for clarity and atmosphere, the duo will bring a fully immersive cinematic sound experience to your home theatre, giving you a sonic boost whilst seamlessly fitting into your set up.

The combination of the subwoofer and soundbar make a great match for your home, creating a sonorous bass performance and heightening sound effects whilst preventing audio distortion. The five speaker drivers create sounds in crisp definition, letting you savor each moment. The versatility of the soundbar means it can be placed either on top of your TV stand or mounted straight on the wall.

Designed with functionality in mind, the S-700 Wireless Soundbar & Subwoofer Home Theatre System has four inputs available: Wireless, aux in, 3.5mm line in and optical audio in. When not in use as part of a home theatre system, the three-brand equalizer provides a rich, deep and complex sound, lending it well to music playback. Finished in a sleek matt black with polished chrome accents on the soundbar, the subwoofer and soundbar will add a touch of elegance to your living room.


  • Soundbar & subwoofer included
  • Wireless, auxiliary, 3.5mm line in and optical audio inputs available
  • Remote control included
  • 5 speaker drivers
  • 3-brand equalizer with three modes for optimization; movie, dialogue and music
  • Soundbar: 37.01-in long x 3.07-in wide x 3.39-in tall
  • Subwoofer: 9.45-in long x 9.45-in wide x 14.88-in tall
  • Sleek matt black finish with metallic chrome accents